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Teenage Dirt Boy

The vestibule was filled
with sweet jasmine scented air.
Her 22 year old ruby tinted lips parted.
"Take me.” She started to moaned,
“Take me now but do it quietly, sssshhhhhhh."
Back behind doors her father’s nicotine fingers gleamed.
Hashish smoke streamed,
blurring a painting of "Gypsy Girls."
who struck provocative poses,
and seductively gazed into the room
where her mother was reading The Karma Sutra,
as she fondled bright coloured beads
while murmuring a mantra.
"That was fantastic. More of the same tomorrow.
Good night heavenly boy." She whispered
toying with my golden hair while stroking my crown jewel.
With one final kiss i slipped out of her gate,
wondering what excuse I’d give to my mummy,
when arriving home so late,
especially as i still had another appointment.

19 Feb 19

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