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Down The Drain

Being 90% water
wrung out in our vests,
it seems we could walk far and near.
Camouflaged, clearly transparent,
while crossing over lakes.
Alarming the ducks, taking our time.
Cackling in rhyme.
Double wet underwear will share
that shower of rain.
Work up a head of steam,
but be patient.
Soon you will be walking on water,
a feat much sought by the ancients.
Bring a container and cork
to bottle your steam
and there you’ll have triple proof.
A loofah free soaking cycle,
tin bathed and tippling.
You might even take a sip
of that which sustains.
What to do with excess?
Poured down the drain.
While the vest, thin as a mist ,
carries only a gravy stain.

25 Mar 19

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lol no... u dream of what u aren't doing
 — percocet

if I go into hell to kill the devil I don't complain about it
 — percocet

great verbiage but you stand naked in my my wake
 — percocet

 — percocet

put your dots down
 — percocet

i will stab you
 — percocet

whores don't follow
 — percocet

u want jesus to comment?
 — percocet

here he is and i speak for him
 — percocet

u cant
 — percocet

fuck you
 — percocet

u wish u where gay
 — percocet

u r nothing, not gay..
 — percocet

This is a very interesting philo poetic discourse you are indulging in Percysett. It is unfortunate that the only person who will probably read it is me, so i guess its a case of two lunatics being locked up in a room together.

Larry mad dogs at the break of dawn Lark.
 — larrylark

I’d be so grateful for this poet...
Saved this poet!
design home app
 — luciham20