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Greetings, reader. I am ClickClack. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your time, interest and (hopefully) kind words. When poetry critical first graced the internet, (and I was younger than I am now) I had another name (and many more given to me by some here that like to spread their own sadness). I have reached another moment in my life of self examination, grieving, closure and growth and have returned to the home that once helped me begin to untangle them. Please remember, that many of the users on the site may be minors (like I once was), who may be attempting to work through some difficult or troubling issues (like I once was), and who may not be ready or able to handle mocking or cruelty (like I certainly couldn't at that age). Practice kindness, practice patience, practice constructive analysis. All the best to you in your travels -CC

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