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Currently a free-lance editor/writer for a global NGO, I've been poetizin' for 40 years (yeah I'm 45 - hah) currently working on a novel. In between, I fly (sumtimes soar). On a lierary/personal note, I'm more likely to critique if the poet leaves a nom (will resp. to anon.poets whom I loathe -- bec. he/she writes much better than me and besides has far more in the anthologia)! MY CODES: AGLP - a good little poem HTH -Hope this helps WADR - w/all due respeck SAP - sorry ain't poetics G&D - garbage 'n' drech (please post crap elswhere) EC - erotically charged (that's a good thing) NEM - No emotional connection (personally speaking) WOW/OV - a ten/OV - oy vey, a 0 Like deadly theatre from which I flee, I detest bad poetry.

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