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User: peanut (view this user's book)

Website: http://www.livejournal.com/~the_nut

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AIM: then goober said

Poet Is None Other Than...peanut

Central Theme(s) In Peanut's Poetry Are...indecision, uncertainty, Life/Death (and the meaning they hold), a quest for "something more", love (unrequited), sex & lust

Peanut Is Inspired by...music, people-watching, nature, comedy, film, lust, and of course, poetry!

Peanut Feels...insecurity clashing with his inner confidence; he goes unnoticed and often feels unappreciated; he is shy, cynical, and sentimental; he feels lost and is anxious about where he's going; he's waiting patiently for his turn at bat, and he knows that, in the end, he's gonna knock the shit out of that ball -- then people will finally recognize what's been there all along.

thanks to LauraLea for the analyzation

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