On the arm of the ErgoChair Pro chair

ErgoChair Pro of Fezibo is the first time I use an ergonomic chair, so far I have only sat on Hoa Phat chair 1.2 million or old office chair bought from companies they liquidated. I chose this chair as a starting point, because I think it also looks good, looks good, and can be adjusted to many things to suit the sitting posture. his normal.

This ErgoChair Pro standing desk is not sold in Vietnam, I have to ask Autonomous to ship it to me, it takes a long time to wait. Link to the product here, and the US price is $499. The version I choose is black, because it won’t stand out too much in the office, but usually I will choose a color that stands out a bit.
The item shipped to me is a very large box, all the spare parts for the chair are inside and I will need to assemble the chair myself before using it. The way to assemble is also easy, about 30 minutes I have finished and can start sitting.

The first feeling of ErgoChair Pro is that it has a back support cushion that touches my back exactly in the position I often sit. I don’t need to lean back to have this support because the back of the adjustable height desk can be adjusted to 5 different levels. Before, when I sat in Hoa Phat chair and other normal chairs, none of them had this feature.

As far as sitting posture is concerned, you can adjust a bunch of things:
Seat cushion: move forward and back, and how is the angle of inclination
The back of the chair: can adjust the tilt, and adjust the weight when tilting
Spine support part: height adjustable
Two armrests: height adjustable, and movable armrests
The entire chair: adjust the height (this is basic and every chair has it).

Because the chair can be adjusted a lot, the chair has a lot of handles and adjustment handles, I also have to search a lot and even go to Autonomous’s website to see the user manual to know exactly which adjustment arm has what function.

I don’t know if the headrest has the correct setup, but in a normal sitting position to use the computer, the headrest is not close to my head. I don’t know what about other seats, please share more. It’s my first time using a chair with a headrest, so I’m not sure how to set it up.

The quality of the chair’s finish is just okay, not excellent, there are places where the finished plastic still looks inconsistent, for example at the bottom of the armrest, or the edge of the contact between the pieces. plastic together. Not sure about other ergonomic electric standing desk? Please comment and share more.
What I like the most is that in a normal sitting position, the backrest of ErgoChair Pro, the spine support it leans against the back, makes me feel less tired, especially after sitting for a long time. Up until now, my chair could not do that, it was just a normal chair back and only when I reclined would I stop this back. Due to the adjustment of many different angles, I tested through many positions and then chose the one that I liked the most, quite easily.

The tilt angle of the seat can also be adjusted, but I don’t, I like to keep it flat so it doesn’t slide forward.
And the surface of this chair is also very big, much bigger than my old chair, so it is very comfortable to sit. Fat people like me don’t have to worry about their thighs because of the two armrests on either side. In the past, I have tried some quite high chairs, about 5-7 million at furniture stores, but many models have very uncomfortable thighs even though it looks very nice.

Basically, older people don’t have to worry about the ErgoChair Pro sit stand desk, sitting comfortably, just finished.
I have seen some brothers comment on my Facebook that if using a mesh seat, it will cool the butt slightly, sitting without tunneling, very airy. But ErgoChair Pro does not have a mesh seat option. The back seat I will try to sit in the mesh seat once.

Only been using it for 3 days, here’s how much is on hand for you to see in advance. In about 1-3 months, I will come back to review it more carefully about the advantages and disadvantages of this chair for you guys later.

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